Spring 2017 Lunch Walk Program


Always consult your doctor before starting a lunchwalk program. You doctor may require a physcial exam, or have special instructions for you to follow during the program duration.


Never overdue it!! Especially if this is your first walking program. Let you body adjust by gradually increasing the frequency and duration of your workouts.


Make sure you wear the right shoes. In the world of walking/running shoes can go along way to helping you overcome the many hurdles you will face. Not every shoe is good for walking/running short/long distances.


For the first few weeks do not push yourself too hard. If you are breathing so hard that you cannot answer a question then you are overdoing it. If you can have a full conversation then you are not doing enough.


Set goals!! Start with small goals, that achieve a larger goal.. For example, if you wanted to be able to walk/run one mile then set smaller goals that split the mile up into 4 sections. Once you reach that 4 section goal, set a 2 section goal, and so forth.


Keep track of the distance you cover per day. You will notice an improvement in your walking/running capabilities. Which will motivate you to push further and further!!


Walking should not hurt, If you experience any kind of muscle, joint, chest or head pain, see your family physician right away. Please be safe.


Safety first!! Always be safe when walking/running. Make sure to look before crossing streets, wear brightly colored eye attracting clothing that way you won't be injured by a vehicle. Make sure to keep an eye out on where you step so you don't surprise yourself by stepping into a pothole.


Find a buddy!! There is no better motivator than other people. Also, there is safety in numbers.


Change up the environment! Not only does this help change the scenery, but it also helps deter people from memorizing your whereabouts.

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