About Us

Spring 2017 Lunch Walk Program

About Us

Welcome to the sixth annual Spring Lunch Walk!

Together we can make a difference and help improve our quality of life. Walking is a proven method to help reduce weight, lower blood pressure, and prevent major diseases such as diabetes.

We believe that maintaining a healthy life style is essential to living a long prosperous active life.

So what is the Challenge?

Each team is challenged to walk from their starting city to the west coast of California. Track with your smart phones, pedometers, fitbits, GPS watches or chart it with a pen and pad. Then enter into the online system each week.

What Should I Do?

In four simple steps you can begin your journey to your new healthy, active lifestyle!!

  • Before participating in any physical activity program like this consult your doctor to make sure it will not conflict with any aliments you may or may not be aware of.
  • Find a group of people (friends, family, co-workers) and Create a Team!
  • Start Walking!
  • Log and track your steps online!

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