Frequently Asked Questions

Spring 2017 Lunch Walk Program

How to create an account?

Click Here. Make sure to fill out the required fields that are given.

How to add miles?

Login to your account, Click My Dashboard, Locate Add Miles, Enter the amount of miles you would like to add and click add miles

How to remove miles?

Login to your account, Click My Dashboard, locate the table that shows your miles.. Then locate the date of the miles you wish to remove, and click the remove link.

How do I join a team?

You can join a team when you Create an account.

How many people per team?

Currently there is no limit to the amount of people you can have per team. This is subject to change..

How do we handle cheating?

Cheating is Defined as suspicious entries entering so many miles that is literally impossible to walk it, or bypassing system protocol to gain an unfair advantage.

Warning System for Cheating

1st offense: We will email/telephone user(s)
2nd offense: Administrators will remove 5 miles per user.
3rd offense: Disqualified from the program

Dispute, if you feel like you were unjustly banned. Please contact one of the administrators and plea your case to be reviewed.

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